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Lugove Mastering

Let The Music Speak For Itself

Make It Sound Vibrant, Immersive And Dynamic


We are passionate about music and help artists to get the best out of their recordings. We don't believe that mastering is just an interface between art and technology.  We don't accept the idea that artistic expression can be lost in translation between different audio formats. For us, it is about connecting the artist with the audience through recorded music, ensuring that every aspect of the sound is preserved according to the artistic vision. 
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Why does your music need mastering?

It doesn't matter if you are a signed or independent artist; your music must stand out in today's competitive environment. As the music industry is moving towards greater acceptance of different audio formats and distribution models, your music has to be ready to be enjoyed anywhere and in any form.

We understand technical requirements of various delivery formats, regardless of whether that's Audio CD, streaming, vinyl or high-resolution audio (Hi-Res/DSD). Through the mastering process, we help musicians realise their artistic vision across different formats.

Our job is to ensure that your tracks not only have the right loudness, but also the tonal balance, stereo width, and depth of the soundstage. The endeavour is to create a record that flows from track to track and is engaging to listen to in any audio format. ​


This is the most popular way to master a finished mix. Every project is different and our approach will vary, depending on our client's goals.

In general, we combine digital high-resolution mastering in Pyramix DAW with the benefits of analog outboard gear.

For CD distribution, we can prepare Red Book compliant audio files in addition to a DDP image. This image allows the producer and mastering engineer to have complete control over all parameters for the CD (gaps, CD-TEXT, track timings).

Stem mastering requires 

the submission of a mix dismantled into several submixes (groups of audio tracks). Usually, this allows

much greater control over elements of the mix, giving you greater flexibility to alter the sound of your tracks. 

A vinyl premaster is typically

a 24 bit audio file that contains masters for each side of the record. We can also provide you with a dedicated "mastered for vinyl"premaster

to ensure that your music translated into the world of vinyl will sound great. 

Streaming services operate at different levels of data 

reduction and may apply some form of loudness normalisation. Your great sounding mix mastered for 16-bit/44.1kHz format can easily distort when encoded as an audio stream. To this end, we can provide

an optimised master that

sounds great with different streaming services.

High-resolution audio is often defined as music that has 

been mastered from 

better-than-CD-quality music sources. We can provide DSD and PCM (up to 192kHz 

sample rate) encoded masters of your tracks for digital download and high-resolution streaming.

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Let us make your mix sound great

Whether you are recording and mixing in a million dollar studio, or in less-than-ideal conditions, you still need to perform the final quality check before sending your music out for distribution. This ensures that your sound will be heard the way exactly you intended it to be, regardless of the music distribution format.

The purpose of mastering is to balance sonic elements of a stereo mix and optimise playback across all systems and media formats. Mastering requires critical listening. You need experienced ears when making decisions about whether your track's tonality and dynamic range conform to market expectations. There is no doubt that adding mastering to your project will enhance the quality of your music. Without it, your chance of making it in the highly competitive music industry decreases dramatically. 



Our studio setup combines the accuracy of the digital world with the character of analog processing to give your masters the benefit of both the worlds.

The cornerstone of our analog mastering desk is a set of unique sounding Chandler TG EMI units based on legendary EMI circuits from Abbey Road Studios.


In order to ensure the highest possible quality of mastering, we only use mastering grade AD/DA converters from Prism Sound.


We master audio files exclusively in Pyramix 11, the world's top mastering DAW, so that all of the carefully crafted gain structures, dynamics adjustments and effects are applied with the highest resolution possible regardless of the target sample rate or bit depth.

The studio has dedicated electrical wiring with a low impedance "Clean Earth" for our sensitive analog gear. We use specialised voltage regulators to ensure optimum performance of our analog and digital equipment.

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Get your music out of the box

Majority of modern music productions are mixed entirely within a DAW.
In-the-box (ITB) approach to making music, relaying completely on software plugins and virtual synths, undoubtedly offer benefits in terms of reduced costs and increased efficiency of the music production workflow. 
Digital processors and plugins are excellent if transparent and precise modifications are required. When done right, ITB mixes can sound spectacular, almost indistinguishable from similar tracks made on the analog console. Unfortunately, this level of sonic sophistication is impossible to achieve without significant experience in working with high-end analog modelling plugins and a deep understanding of the DAW's mix bus architecture. As a result, some mixes may sound too harsh, cold, narrow, and flat.

From our experience, we know that the analog gear excels in filling “the digital void” for certain types of music. If required, we can add an extra dimension and definition to your track during mastering. Proper analog sweetening and adding some extra colours to your sound requires a well-treated listening environment and a carefully designed analog gear. This has to be combined with experience and moderation in order to justify any decision that will affect the experience of your music.

We believe that the best results in mastering are achieved when mastering engineer is consulted during mixing.  Feel free to contact us if you are in the middle of your mixing session, send us your mix and we would be happy to give you our feedback.


Suite 2, Kd Tower, Cotterells

Hemel Hempstead


United Kingdom

VAT number: GB 211115772

Company number 09522885

Studio Manager - Emilia Gojlo

Tel: +44 7949 523793

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